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About Us

About Us

Have you ever left unhappy looking in the mirror, stepped on the scales and sighed?

Have you been nervous to walk into a coffee shop alone?  Have you been stuck in a relationship, friendship or job because you thought it was the only option?

Grunnill Fitness aims to inspire, educate and empower our local community on the positive impacts of being outdoors, balanced nutrition and consistent movement. 


Healthy Movement = Healthy Mind


We do this through our Personal Training Sessions, Group Outdoor Sessions, Online Training Platform, Nutrition Plans that include chocolate, Adventure Trails and Seasonal Events teaming up with other local small businesses. 


Get involved...

personal training
Personal Training
Group Training
Babies & Barbells
Kirkby Lonsdale

Personal Training is something individual to each person.

Our training doesn't focus on 'weight-loss' it focuses on 'Health-gain', a 360 balance of your mental wealth, your body and your nutrition.


I focus on strength based training for any ability. Empowering people to lift weights and feel confident in all areas of life

We have options from one off PT sessions to 6 week packages. 

Drop us an email to have a chat and find out which suits you best. 

Don't like training alone?  


I offer group training for two or more friends, partners, neighbours.  

The session will be tailored to your ability and what you want to achieve.

This can be a one-off session or a block of programmed sessions.

Chat to us to find out more

Get your sweat on with a 45- minute, uplifting workout with your babies in their buggies.   A mixture of resistance, core and cardio for the post-natal mummas.

This class isn't about the fitness - That is an added bonus.

It's about YOU, getting out with your little one in to the fresh aire and having some time to work on you.

We stay after the class for a chat and catch up, talk to other like-minded mummas about their sleepless nights, poo explosions and 'I CAN'T DO THIS' days.

Followed by coffee in The Royal Barn where we catch up on training post natal, nutrition as well as, general happy vibes!


£40 for the full block of 5


Wednesdays 10.30am

Running all year

Book via the link

Contact Us

Sun Yoga

500 Terry Francois St. San Francisco, CA 94158

Tel: 123-456-7890


Get involved...

Kirkby Lonsdale
Adventure Trails
Online programming

Everyone welcome

Monday 7.15pm: Strength & Conditioning | 45 minutes class focusing on a range of exercises and equipment to build strength

All classes suitable for a range of abilities as alternative exercises are always offered

£10 per class pay as you go.

£40 for a block of 5 of your chosen classes.

All classes running all year round

Click the link to book or email us to enquire

Next Trail May

Date TBC

1 hour, off the beaten track fitness class 

Completed fully on private land using trail tracks, forest, logs and tyres as our playground.


 This class is so much fun, you'll forget you're even working out.  

Running, lifting, throwing + a lot of laughing

Guaranteed to leave with a. cheesy grin and feeling awesome!

The Oaks Country Estate, Bowness

£20 per person

Limited spaces!

Not everyone can factor in face to face training but everyone can have a fully personalised programme.

Train with me through our online app

Support and advice every week. Help and guidance to set goals and achieve them in a manageable way.

Nutrition guidance where needed

Weekly check-ins and on hand support via whatsapp when needed.

£100 monthly

Inquire for more details


Hello, I'm  Emma & I'm not your average PT!  


Back in 2012, I suffered a huge mental set back which took me by surprise having not experienced anything like this before.  I went from having four jobs, a flat and being super social, to not being able to leave the house and spending my days uncontrollably crying and not understanding why or how to deal with this sudden onset.  


Following a trip to the doctors as advised by a close friend, I was put on anti-depressants and sent on my way to be 'reviewed' in 3 months.  Not once during my 5 minute consultation with the doctor was I asked what I ate, how much activity I did or how much time I spent outside. 


Why would they though? What has that got to do with being depressed or feeling low?

I was soon to discover; absolutely everything!

Luckily I started playing rugby, which forced me to look at my own nutrition and being more active and spending a lot more time outside, As well as support from friends and family, I started to slowly feel much better.
I stopped taking the AD and started learning, researching and educating myself on the links between being outside, eating whole nutritious foods, moving more and feeling mentally well.  

After learning first hand that is was the mix of movement, nutrition and outdoors that was keeping my mind healthier I decided to make it my mission to help others learn exactly the same.


I want people to LOVE, EMBRACE and feel CONFIDENT in themselves!


This is far from anything to do with Weight-Loss', it's about Health-Gain and any aesthetic goals are just an added bonus!


Are you in need some new workout gear?  

Do you want to look as cool as our tribe?

Click to place your order for Grunfit merch now!

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