The Grunnill Fitness Adventure...

Grunnill Fitness, or Grunfit to it's friends... Is predominantly ran by me, Emma (the girl on the left). 

Although it's far from just me that makes this work. I have an entire support crew in the form of Team Grunfit, you'll see at events, in classes and involved in anything we can get our hands on. 

On top of that Grunnill Fitness has a huge following of BLUMMIN AMAZING clients... All those that come to classes, endure Personal Training, share our content, support what we work for, follow our pages and engage with anything we do. 

We LOVE to empower and we love it when we see others doing so too. 

So who are we really and what do we actually do?!

Back in 2012, I, Emma, suffered a huge mental set back which pretty much came out of nowhere... (Or so I thought at the time). 

I went from having 4 jobs, a flat and being super social at any opportunity to not being able to leave the house and pretty much spending my days uncontrollably crying and not understanding why or what was happening?!

I didn't know much, if anything, about mental health/depression/anxiety back then but was about to learn first hand. 

Following a trip to the doctors as advised by a close friend of mine I was put on anti-depressants and sent on my way to be 'reviewed' in 3 months... Not once during my 5 minute consultation with the doctor was I asked what I ate, how much activity I did or how much time I spent outside. Why would they though? What has that got to do with being depressed or feeling low!?


Time went on, I started playing rugby, getting in to nutrition and generally being a lot more active and spending a lot more time outside. As a result of this (and a lot of help from both close friends and family) I started SLOWLY feeling much, much better. I stopped taking the AD and started learning, researching and doing anything I could to find out the link between being outside, eating nutritiously, moving more and feeling mentally WELL. 

After learning first hand that is was the mix of movement, nutrition and outdoors that was keeping my mind healthier I decided to make it my mission to help others learn exactly the same. 

I want people to LOVE, EMBRACE and feel CONFIDENT in themselves!

This is far from anything to do with 'weight-loss', it's about Health-gain - Any aesthetic goals are just an added bonus!






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