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Chuxole. Lupton. Cumbria. LA62QA

Nutrition Guidance

Nutrition Guidance is a great way of learning what it is we really should be eating more of and finding out about that healthy balanced sustainable way of eating we can all follow and achieve our goals. 

Nutrition Guidance

Following a full Diet Analyses, advice on what could be changed, what Micronutrients may be deficient in your diet and learning how to have a healthy split between Macronutrients.

Includes one to one chat and advice on any of the above.


personal training

Personal Training is something individual to each person, hence it's name.

Following a FREE induction which is available for anyone interested I create a programme completely tailored around each individual, their work/home/social life.

We look at every aspect of your life from what (if any) fitness related movement you've done in the past to what you like doing in your spare time and get a programme that is 100% suited to you which you can follow and sustain for as long as you wish to. 

There's a number of different packages to suit everyone, click the link below to take a look for one to suit you...

fitness classes

We provide classes in a variety of different styles and try to choose our locations as accessible for all of our regular and new clients as possible.

All of our classes are outdoor based and we're often adding new ones and planning special event classes.

We're always happy to hear if there are any new locations you would like to see a class happen, so if there isn't one in your current area please get in touch...