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  • Emma Grunnill

Monday Mantra

Why it's important to have a focus and actually value your time...

Try, Try, Try again...

I started qualifying to become a Personal Trainer because of how I have changed through the medium of training and being outdoors.

When I say 'changed', not changed in the sense that I once carried A LOT more body fat than I do now... Or because aesthetically I'm much different OR even because my fitness levels have changed...


...I trained to become a PT because I once went from a really happy, outgoing, lively Emma to a girl that wouldn't leave the house. Pretty much over night.

I cried more than laughed and genuinely couldn't see a day where I ever thought id be happy again. This happened over a matter of days for me.


Out of no where I became depressed, anxious and scared - all something I'd never felt or had much experience with before and I had no idea where it had come from.


At the time I had 4 different jobs (!) I was constantly flitting from one place to the next with no real drive or focus for anything in particular.

The following weeks saw me quit all but 1 job which, under DR's advice I took 3 weeks off (at the time not knowing any better).

I had to leave the flat I was living in and move back to my Mums house, which added to all the stress and already weird emotion I was trying to deal with.

I didn't really tell any of the majority of my friends and family what was going on, just more pushed my friends away and made reasons up to family why I'd had to move back home.


I was fortunate enough at the time to have a couple of VERY important close people in my life, Whom had dealt with both depression and anxiety themselves so knew exactly what I was dealing with and how to help me. I wouldn't have known what was wrong with me or how to even start to deal with it if it wasn't for them - For that they will both always hold a very special place in my heart.


I began having counselling, spent a lot of time not doing a great deal, had some ridiculous ideas of what I wanted to do with my life (irrational) and ate a lot of pretty rubbish food in the hope i'd feel better. I never really did, I got better from the outsiders point of view, I started going out again and went back to work but I wasn't really happy and didn't understand what it was I needed to make me happy or what I even wanted from life. A place I genuinely think most 'adults' still find them selves in now.



It was probably about a year in to feeling like this I actually found something that made me focus and stop feeling like that... I got the opportunity to start playing Rugby. Probably one of the best decisions I have ever made to date.

Having always been a big rugby fan, watching my brother play when I was younger and wishing I could be on the pitch.

The opportunity to start a Ladies Team at Kendal RUFC seemed ideal.

Playing rugby took me somewhere I never even knew was possible... All of a sudden, I had drive, focus and putting my boots on and walking out on to that pitch I was happy!


I got my head stuck in to training, started to learn from other players and the guys in the gym about nutrition and weight-lifting and not only learn about it but have experience in how different I was feeling with both a mixture of training and eating right.

I went from being massively over fat to someone strong, fast and lean - Without it being an effort.

I was happy but I wanted more... I wanted to learn the in's and out's of nutrition, the correct way of training for certain goals and not just that but I wanted to teach other people how important eating right and getting out and moving is to our mental health, our bodies and our overall well being.


I got a foundation level in Nutrition Coaching and went on to qualify in both Level 2 and 3 Personal Training, all while I was full-time manager of Laura Ashley - While qualifying I realised that working your arse off for someone else wasn't going to gain you any reward for anyone other than the person whose pocket you were lining.

So why do it? Hmm... Well the guaranteed monthly salary definitely had a massive part to play, the security, the fact that you've got a safe job so could buy a house or go on holiday when you wanted with paid holiday time-off... The list goes on.

Is all that worth your happiness? Do you want to be living to work for the rest of your life? Or are we actually put here to LIVE, EMBRACE, take risks and see what amazing adventures are around the corner enjoying it every step of the way?


That brings us here.

I started my company, Grunnill Fitness. I went part-time at Laura Ashley and then eventually had enough [balls] clients to quit all together.

I value every minute of my time and am constantly planning how it is best used. I take time out which keeps me focused, I've learnt to meditate which for someone with such a hyperactive brain is really difficult but at the same time is really important to help slow me down and chill.

I can still have those down days just now I almost always know the triggers and know how to manage them... Nutrition, Focus, Time-out and Training.

I can honestly say I have never been happier. I'm really proud of myself for taking the leap, risking everything and I admire anyone doing the same and running their own dream.


So that is why I do what I do. If I can help and educate one person that nutrition, training and being outside isn't just about aesthetics or even being fitter - It's about the lifestyle and your well being as a whole then I've made the right decision and I'm doing a good job.


Don't just live - Embrace and believe in your full potential - You've got this

You've got this

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